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SM Sand Quality In Line Controller
In order to make sure all the process parameters are being used as the required accurate and reliable spectrum during production, it becomes necessary to use one way and equipment to control, which indicates the actual production status is crucial. SM ( sand quality inline controller ) can do in line inspection according to different kind of material combination to control the sand quality, which shows all the real time work process and record every time’ s inspect data and result on the connected computer so to be exported, checked and analyzed.
SM ensures the sand capability alters among small spectrum by control the mixing process, the compactablity accuracy of in line control is among: ±2%. SM takes sample from the mixer, compare the tested actual data with the goal then calculate to get the two critical data of controlling sand quality: 
·sand mold intensity(N/cm2)
SM features: 
·In line control 
·Running reliability 
·Intellectualized control 
·Easy Operation 
·High investment yield
More information please click: SM sand quality in line controller
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