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FC Series Fluidized Cooling Bed Cooler
HIDEA produces FC series fluidized cooling bed, utilized the water evaporation theory, according the hot recycle sand temperature and volume to calculate the water requirement, so to make sure the best cooling and moisture effect. According to the sand system and cooling ability, HIDEA has supplied 20t/h~250t/h capability cooling bed cooler, and can also deign the best package according to the customers actual situation. The cooling bed cooler is separated into different areas, so to make sure the entered big volume cooling Air being controlled effectively. The ventilation pipe can be installed flexibly beside the equipment. Fine ventilation guarantees the lost of effective composition in the sand to be least.
Cool the high temperature fallen sand to the normal environment temperature, it is very critical among the whole sand system. High quality mold and casting surface require the suitable sand temperature. FC series fluidized cooling bed cooler can ensure the required molding temperature and humidity. By improving the sand humidity again, it prevent the sand from sticking and ensure then mold intensity.
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